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How to Make (2023)


Digital C-type prints on hahnemuhle photo rag, digital audio (1 min, 50 seconds)



How to Make is part of a larger, on-going enquiry into the generative and emergent qualities of photography, and the creative potential of the photographic print. Inspired by the broader cultural context of how-to-videos, step-by-step artificial intelligence, and algorithms, How to Make brings together photography, origami instructions, an AI voice generator and a participatory element, to playfully explore tensions between input and output, and notions of (mis)translation and (mis)interpretation.


As part of an exhibition titled An Elastic Continuum, the work invited participants to make their own origami models, using the prints and audio provided. Forms and spatial compositions were generated not only by individual responses to the origami instructions and the participants' handling of the paper-print, but by the paper's specific material qualities, including its weight, thickness, and pliability.

Visit @howtomake_2023 on Instagram to see the outcomes. 

Installation photo by James Clarkson. 

How to Make_1_low res jpg.jpg
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