Meta (2019) 

Meta is a site-specific photographic installation which took place over three weeks in a video projection room in the Holden Gallery (Manchester School of Art, UK). This experimental project explored the site as both the subject for the works and the starting point in a series of transformations. Over the three weeks, the paper-prints (some of which were folded) were installed in various areas of the space and then re-photographed. As a result, new forms, shapes and views began to emerge, and over time the photographs were abstracted from their point of reference, no longer able to function as copies or reproductions of the space, but as something different, something generative. 

Holden 1.jpg
Holden 8.jpg
Holden 2.jpg
Holden 9.jpg
Holden gallery5.jpg
Holden gallery8.jpg
Holden gallery10.jpg
Holden gallery6.jpg